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Emblica brand refresh, infographics and interactive visuals

In autumn 2020 and spring 2021, I refreshed the brand identity of Emblica, data science and AI consultancy. I was solely working on the visual, regularly having meetings of the process with a team at Emblica. The identity was changed to be more in harmony with the core ideas of Emblica. Emblica is a company with high expertise and knowledge, creating customized solutions for difficult technical problems. Emblica wants to stand out from the other data science and AI companies and stay away from the Sci-Fi atmosphere - they want their clients to have realistic, informed services and not think data and AI through the ways it's presented in the media. Together, we chose visuals standing out from similar companies, emphasizing the academic, down-to-earth expertise and knowledge. Calming white, slight gray and blue, with an accent red, along with a font choice stands out and is modern and unique, but does not put anyone off. 

Emblica wanted something that makes its website unique - we created a set of interactive hero images to be used in their flagship projects often used in marketing. 

Emblica also emphasizes the communication of what they do, as their work can come across as overly technical for their clients. Along with the brand identity, we found a visual approach to the infographics and created carefully visualized materials of all their flagship projects.

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