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I worked in the role of a more senior designer in a project, where me among a team of UX/UI designers designed a new website for Synlab. Synlab is a website offering laboratory and other medical services and it operates in most regions in Finland. The project was done at Agenda Helsinki. 

Some of the UX wireframes we received from Outsystems, who was also responsible for designing the booking system of the site. The team at Agenda was responsible for the visual design of the website and booking system, and structural design of the website excluding the booking system.  We operated with two teams of coders from Agenda and Outsystems as well as with the client, so effective communication proved to be especially important with this project. 

Agenda also conducted a user test with 5 users. The tests were conducted with the interactive prototype of the new site and tested the most important user paths, such as finding information about the available tests and booking appointments to the clinics. I was involved both as a facilitator of the tests and design of the test questions and a test report. 

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